Monday, January 10, 2011

Brave Enough To Say It

In talking with the other bloggers here, we all were lamenting our weight. Not that that's anything new for women in our culture. But in our cases, we all put on weight once the enormity and depression of it all hit us. Part of the point of this blog is to document our individual processes in trying to (among other things) lose the ugly weight. (Ugly not only because it's fat, but because it is a heavy reminder of sadness that we literally lug around everywhere; in losing it, we let go of the past. We hope.)

Being as it was my idea to start this blog, I'm going to be brave enough to put a number on it.


I have never weighed that much in my life; not even when pregnant.

It's nearly 100 pounds overweight -- and I'm not saying that based on some height-weight chart; that's what I used to weigh, after my first child.

Now, since I've been so brave as to say this, the rest of the girls promise to chime in with their simple little tips on weight loss.

(We all will note our progress as things go along too.)